Monte Boyd

Delightful user experience and visual design


DocBox, an app created to allow quick access to documents, was used internally by Cloud Sherpas’ sales directors but also converted many customers to Cloud Sherpas and cemented the company’s position as a leader in mobility solutions.

Previously available on iPad, DocBox delivered any-time access to and presentation of PDF documents and collateral within and gave users the tools to access, present and share their documents anywhere. DocBox provided online document caching and management with display sorting and filtering, note-taking and document sharing.

The challenge

The brief for DocBox was to give users offline app access to documents they presented to clients in sales pitches, proposals and demonstrations. We also wanted to create a toolbar that provided multiple levels of navigation without using up screen real estate.

The solution

The design of DocBox used a visual approach to document organisation, with a thumbnail view indicating which documents had been downloaded to the device, ready for offline viewing. DocBox had multiple options for sorting, as well as keyword search and document favourites, to provide quick access to the right files.

Instead of a persistent toolbar that took up screen real estate, DocBox featured a toolbar that could be collapsed into an unobtrusive but easily discoverable button when not in use. Tapping the button revealed a contextual set of options, with a possible second level of navigation when required. DocBox used fast and engaging animation to appeal to the user, successfully encouraging re-use.

My role

As Head of Design Mobility at Cloud Sherpas, I contributed wireframing, prototyping, visual design, interaction design and UI development in Objective C, and I also oversaw the development from a design perspective.